I had my first SLR, an old Zenit B, when I was fourteen. Then nothing was automatic, you had to learn about apertures, Depth of Field, Exposure Values etc and of course either wait for the prints to come back from the developers if they were colour, or for the real magic, watch them come to life in the developing tray!

Animals have also always been apart of my life and over the years pets have included cats, budgies, rabbits, chipmunks and numerous dogs.

Over the last few years I have started to photograph animals seriously, trying to capture both their character and their beauty. This requires patience, split second timing and an understanding of how an animal is likely to react. Unlike photographing people you can’t pose your subject, you have to follow their lead, not the other way around.

So this it’s about knowing how to get the subject to be as natural as possible in a situation that it does not immediately understand. Subjects can easily get frightened or tense, some get excessively playful others can freeze. Some will cooperate for food, for others food anywhere near makes them unmanageable. Sometimes having the owner near helps, sometime it hinders.

Getting a good photograph is about reading these situations and adjusting your approach accordingly.

I am based in Somerset, so if you are in the area and interested in hearing more please contact me.